Specifying Struts templates source

Say I'm using a form with a text-field.

<@s.form action="login"> <@s.textfield label="E-mail" name="email"/> <@s.submit value="send"/>

How can I specify that the text-form should be generated by a custom template (text_login.ftl) rather than the standard text.ftl?


I did it few years ago, and as I remember I did the following 1) created my own template in forlder


theme - it is name of theme used in struts tag definition (see below). E.g. ajax (already defined and existed in Struts2 theme) template - name of your template. E.g. inline-submit:


2) now in jsp, when I want to show that some tag should use that template, I wrote the following:

<s:submit theme="ajax" template="submit-inline" ... />

that's all. In your case you need to write something like that:

<@s.textfield label="E-mail" name="email" theme="_DEFINE_WHERE_TEMPLATE_IS_LOCATED" template="text_login"/>

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