jQuery to check if returned data object is empty

         $.post("php/socialbookmark-post.php", {bookmarkID: $(this).val()},function(data)
              if(data != "") alert(data);

the php file outputs some text only if something goes wrong. The checking that I do fails if the data is empty and displays an empty message. I need to fix this. Any ideas?


You could instead check if data exists, like this:

if(data && data !="") alert(data);

data will be null in your case, and null != "", so the if is passing.

I also face the same issue. The data block will not execute of if data not returned from ajax. But find a way to solved by referring jQuery Ajax documents:


By the implementation we have used the sucess method of done and if data not returned it will not executed. Instead fail method will get called. Refer to


If data is empty then condition for check data !== '' it will generate false

if(data !== 'undefined' && data !== ''){
console.log('data is not empty')
} else {
console.log('data is empty')

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