I've closed debugging screens but I don't know how to re-open them

Once I've, while working with VS, I saw several screens popping up in a disorganized fashion. Since I didn't try know what were them, I just close them all. Now, it looks like I closed what I closed were debugging screens. In fact, when I start an application in debugging mode (f5), I don't see any of them.

I'd like to how I can get them back (where to look for). I want especially the screen that allows me to check the value of local variables.

Thanks for helping


you were asking specifically for the window that shows information about local variables as you step forward - I'm pretty sure that this is the Locals window that @leppie pointed out in the Debug>Windows menu.

For reference, there are 3 main windows that you can use to investigate variables as you step through code:

  • Locals: This shows you information about the variables currently in context as you step through code
  • Watch: This allows you to set up references to data that you want to watch as you are debugging
  • Autos: This is similar to Locals, except it only shows variables that are used in the current and previous statement


Menu bar - Debug -> Windows -> The ones you need.

Under Debug menu, Windows submenu. More items will appear during debug mode.

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