C# Windows Form :Strict some fields according to the logged in user

I am working on Windows Form (C#) visual studio and .net 3.5, my program is a database-based, with multi-user, database store info about devices and contract, what I need is a way to restrict specific fields to (Modify,ReadOnly,Hidden) receptively to the logged-in user privileges, I don't want to use windows users, I want my users (from a database)to make them separate from OS, at least for now, so for example I have a form with 21 fields, five of them must be hidden when employee with no financial privileges has logged-in, but when his supervisor is the user, then he can see the financial field but not modify it's value, and when the administrator is logged-in he can do what every he wants to do

I hope I make it clear enough to help me out,


If you've read the user and their privileges from your database, it's just a matter of setting the Visible property of any control you don't want shown.

this.FinanceField1.Visible = !IsEmployee();
this.FinanceField2.Visible = !IsEmployee();

this.FinanceField3.Enabled = !IsSupervisor();

Or something similar to this.

Implement a permissions table in your database that you read when the use logs in. Then set your form state based upon the passed permission.

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