How to correctly add the .scrollTo plugin?

I have this script, running on a links list:

$('li#linkcat-25 a').bind('click', function (e) {

How can I easly add a .scrollTo effect, so that clicking on one of those href elements will show/hide as proposed, and when finished, will smoothly scroll down to the #preview div?

Thank you!


You most likely want the scrollTo plugin which can be used like this:

$('li#linkcat-25 a').click( function (e) {
    // any hiding or showing can be done here
    $.scrollTo( $("#preview") );

You can also provide the scrollTo plugin with a number of other useful options. Info can be found on the scrollTo plugin page but the link to the demo might have moved here.

Hi already mentioned it in a previous question.

You could put those elements in a div and then use .animate to scroll. like

$("#divcontainer").animate({'scrollTop': '600'}, 4000);

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