Ria Services Entity with collection is empty when not supposed to?

Hi I'm have an object model with an Employee and EmployeeWorksiteReference (cause it's an many to many relation I have and middle entity).

I use Association, Include and Composition tags on it to be able to send it over as one when saving and so on, and when saveing it works perfectly. But when I load an Employee with some EmployeeWorksiteReferences the collection turns up empty on the client, when I check in the debugger exactly before it returns the result the list contains instances but on the client when it receives the result the list is just empty.

What can I have made wrong?


After many long hours of debugging a similar issue I found that the problem, in my case, was due to not explicitly including the intermediary table entity in my model. I finally fixed the issue by adding the missing intermediary type and updating the metadata to reflect it.

See my full solution to the problem here.

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