Change Image with transition effects

I have the following script that changes my image on a timer:

var da = setInterval( function() {

    var current_image = document.getElementById('node_picture').src;
    var image_index = current_image.substring(48,49);

    if (image_index > 4) {
        image_index = 1;

    document.getElementById('node_picture').src="img/node/<?php echo $node_id ?>/" + image_index + ".png";

}, 4000);

I am trying to add a jQuery FadeIn() effect. I tried to add


but that does not work.



Note the case here:


NB: All jQuery methods and properties use camel case with the initial letter in lower case.

When working with selectors, ids should be prefixed with the hash # symbol. I missed this the first time around, your comment made me take another look:

$('node_picture').fadeIn();  // wrong
$('#node_picture').fadeIn(); // right

-- Unless that's also a typo? ;-)

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