Random blank pages on Safari when developing webapp

I've been experiencing a safari problem while building a web application. The screen goes completely blank (white) and refreshing won't help. Going to another page on the site gives the same problem. Then magically, after a little while, everything goes back to normal and pages are rendered correctly!

This started happening around the same time that I SUSPECT my hosting automatically upgraded from PHP 5.2.x to 5.3 (all of a sudden, we got 'deprecated function' errors and the error settings and handling were unchanged)

I also have to mention that this doesn't happen in our dev environment (PHP 5.2.9, Apache 2)


Safari 4.0.2 and the latest one (don't know the version) Server side: PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.0.90, Apache is cPanel Easy Apache v3.2.0

Does anyone know why this is happening at all or know how to fix it?


If it happens with other browsers as well as safari it is probably an error message generated but not displayed. Depending on your code these can be time dependent.

If you have an error log file on your server check it's content.

You should also set up a PHP 5.3 development environment as quickly as possible. There are things that can go wrong when upgrading from 5.2. to 5.3 (see this page and yes, you can get angry at your provider, the PHP site does not advice an upgrade without a code check).

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