How can I write this as a JavaScript function?

I have the following code snippet embedded into some of my divs so when those divs get clicked a certain radio button gets checked.


However I would like to convert the above call to a function call like below:


And the function will be something like this

function checkRadioButton(input){

Is there a way I can accomplish this?


You can write any Javascript code inside the onclick attribute. Remember that city[0] is not defined anywhere. To access it, you must specify the full[0]. So the onclick becomes:


Inside your function, you are already receiving the element, and don't have to retrieve it from the document again. You could directly set it's checked property:

function checkRadioButton(input) {
   input.checked = true;


checkRadioButton(var input){

You can also reduce the need for supplying[0] if, for example, every DIV that you mark thusly has an attribute "radioID", and the value of the attribute must match the ID given to the radio button:


checkRadioButton(var div){

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