How to create nice text depth\shadow effect? (HTML)

I need some JS class or CSS method to create from any text such text with shadow like on this web page...

Page screen:

screen from Yummygum site

I need It to work in IE 6,7,8 Chrome 4, FF 3, etc


Inspect element says: text-shadow:0 1px 0 #3B3B3B;

More on text-shadow

You can create that effect with css3's text-shadow property.


p.test {
    text-shadow: #6374AB 20px -12px 2px;


Quick Preview:

Of course, you will have to modify the values as per your needs.

Note: This property belongs to CSS3, something not supported by Internet Explorer yet. However, most of the other modern browsers support CSS3.

Make use of the CSS3 text-shadow property. This is however not supported by all webbrowsers. You may want to consider the jQuery TextShadow plugin to cover the unsupported unobtrusively.

If you must use IE6, you have to use old hacks (or as always - abuse JQuery, since it kicks ass). Something like this:

  .text1{ color: white }
  .shadow1{ color: silver; position: relative; right: 1px; bottom: 1px }
  .shadow1{ color: black; position: relative; right: 2px; bottom: 2px }
<div class="text1">Text shadow</div>
<div class="shadow1">Text shadow</div>
<div class="shadow2">Text shadow</div>

Very, very old school. Be careful not to stick it inside a table in an HTML4.01 transitional page ;-)

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