Xcode won't let go a resource file

My question today is about how Xcode deals with resource files in the app bundle which it creates. I know that it may be trivial, but I can't find an easy way out. Basically my problem is that Xcode seems to keep on including a resource file (eg a text file) in the app bundle even if the file has been removed from the project. Here it is in detail what is happening here.

⁃   Added a file to the project (both by choosing file - new file or dragging a file to the Xcode groups and files left column checking add to project folder if needed checkbox)
⁃   Compiled and launched the project in simulator
⁃   Verified that the file is present in myApp.app bundle, located in User/Library/Application/Support/iPhone Simulator/3.2/Applications/<application system number>/myApp.app and even in <my Xcode projects folder>/myApp/build/debugiPhonesimulator/myApp.app
⁃   Deleted the file from groups and files column in Xcode
⁃   Deleted the actual file with Finder in <my Xcode projects folder>/myApp/myFile
⁃   Deleted User/Library/Application/Support/iPhone Simulator/3.2/Applications/<application system number>/myApp.app and even <my Xcode projects folder>/myApp/build/debugiPhonesimulator/myApp.app
⁃   Emptied the trash
⁃   Verified that there is no reference to the file with Finder spotlight
⁃   Verified that there is no reference to the file with Xcode search
⁃   Rebuilt and relaunched the app in simulator
⁃   Verified that a brand new /Library/Application/Support/iPhone Simulator/3.2/Applications/<application system number>/myApp.app has been just created
⁃   Verified the content of /Library/Application/Support/iPhone Simulator/3.2/Applications/<application system number>/myApp.app bundle: the file is still there. Where the h. did Xcode take it from?

I am surely missing something really obvious. Any help?


Have you checked the "Targets" node ? If not then;

  • Expand the "Targets" node and the application one.
  • There must be a build phase called "Copy Bundle Resources".
  • Check that the resource is not in the phase.

You can also try to perform a full clean of the project to ensure that no temporary files stay.

Clean used to work in xcode 3 but it doesn't seem to do a thing in 4. I found that deleting the app from the test device seems to help make the resource disappear.

Ran into a similar problem a few days ago.

It turned out that under 3.2, the simulator creates several application folders, one for each SDK version installed. I have:

~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/3.0
~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/3.1.2
~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/3.1.3
~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/3.2
~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/User

If you compile under a different SDK it creates a new application directory for the app within the folder for the new SDK. I had an alias to the old folder and ended up looking in the wrong folder at a version of the app that Xcode was no longer targeting and therefore never changing. IIRC, I had to track down the new app in the matching SDK folder.

I had the same problem. However the solution proposed in the answer, didn't solve my problem. In the Targets > Copy Bundle Resources, I don't see the "ghost" files. I tried doing a full clean up, delete the app and reinstall it, and I still have the files in my app. The solution I found was by manually deleting the contents of the folder: ~/Library/Application\ Support/iPhone\ Simulator/4.3/Applications/

Remove the app from the simulator and delete with finder the directory of your app in Library > Developer > Xcode > DerivedData.

I ran into a similar problem. Xcode 4 keeps complaining about missing resource file even though it has been removed from the project. It results in build error.

This is how it's resolved:

1) Open the .pbxproj file 2) Delete all the lines referencing the resource file that you want to get rid of 3) Build it

I had a similar problem with a .scnassets file - XCode Copy Resources only lists the .scnassets file (a real folder, not a group) but also remembers and copies it's contents even if they've been deleted. An intentional clean fixes this. Moreover, files deleted from a ghost .scnassets files appear to be copied every time you run the app, instead of the first time they're needed. Cleaning speed my build time up by 300%!

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