Crystal Reports Formula Workshop boolean condition to string

I'm currently trying to create a report using Crystal Reports that comes with Visual Studio 2008.

I would like to include a field of type boolean on my report that shows a string rather than true or false. The string should contain either contain a € or a % sign.

How would I go about doing this in the Formula Workshop?

I've tried things like e.g.

if {tblAankoopDetails.SoortKorting} = true then "€" else "%"

However this never seems to work and results in warnings such as "The formula result must be a number".

This should be fairly simple but this is my first go at using Crystal Reports.

Help would be much appreciated.



Make sure your SoortKorting field has always true or false. Maybe there's a null and in that case your formula will not work.

Try with this:

if isnull({tblAankoopDetails.SoortKorting}  ) then 
" "
    if {tblAankoopDetails.SoortKorting} =true 
    then "€" else "%"

Make sure there is nothing else in the same formula. Usually I see that particular error when a formula sometimes returns a string, and sometimes a number.

Also, you shouldn't need to test for true, so you might try:

if {tblAankoopDetails.SoortKorting} then "€" else "%"

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