Call load using a div id that has been passed into a function, div id is a parameter

I am dynamically creating divs within a jquery accordion that are loaded with data as when the user clicks on the accordion title. I have this all working except that when I pass the div id into the load details method, the call to .load() does not work. What can I do to fix this? It seems like a simple javascript string eval would work but I can not find what I am looking for.

Code: Here is the basic function:

function loadDetails(div_id) {
   var load_string = "ajax/get_details.aspx";

This function is called correctly on the click event and the div_id is passed in correctly but the load function is not working. If I use code like this it work correctly:



$("#" + div_id).load(load_string);

I'm assuming the div_id being passed in is missing the pound?

maby: $('#' + div_id).load(load_string);

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