Best "For Pay" wpf controls

If this question has been asked then I applogize and I will join in voting to close it (or just delete it), but I could not find it being asked before.

We are potentially embarking on making many of our apps using WPF. Most of our apps are normal business apps that will not need too much eye candy. Tasteful ui is nice, but I don't see us doing lost of custom animations and such.

So, my question is what 3rd party control sets are the best ones to purchase to save you time in development of apps like this?

(These should work with both Visual Studio 2008 and 2010.)


We use Infragistics WPF Controls they save us a lot of time and they are very extendible. As well as very well documented with examples.

This is a bit tangential to the main question, but if you have the budget and your main goal is a slick, tasteful UI, you may want to experiment with hiring a graphic designer (with experience in business-app WPF UIs, preferably) to work with your team. Because WPF enables a much cleaner separation of logic and visuals, with control and data templates, you can put together your application using the 'basic' controls set and have your graphic designer polish the look and feel.

We use Telerik in the shop I work for

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