Watermarking Flash Videos (server-side)

I have a bunch of flash videos that I need to watermark with user related information, to make illegal re-distribution of these files harder.

I'm wondering how can this be done server-side. If done client-side, it will be quite easy for the user to intercept the videos before they are watermarked.

Since the watermark should contain user-specific information I can't really watermark the videos before encoding them (unless I have an encoded video per user - not feasible).

I'm expecting this to affect the streaming performances a lot, though.

Any idea how this can be done (possibly in an efficient way)?


You can use FFMPEG, a command line video tool to do this. It is cross-platform and easy enough to be used.

Watermarking example is shown in this tutorial.

I hope this helps.

I never realized, years ago anyhow, that watermarking a flash movie would be required for some of my productions... however, I had this little security method. Build the main container of your movie with a script that checks for the url of your site's server as the window location.

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