Trouble creating a button matrix in Interface Builder

I am trying to create a matrix of buttons in Interface Builder 3.2.1 but can not find anyway to do it. I read the question and answer posted here:

How to create a NSMatrix of NSImageCell in Interface Builder in 10.6

But following Layout > Embed Objects In, as suggested, I see only View and Scroll View as options, not Matrix. Have I missed something?



I have just tried it on IB 3.2.2: Drag the button on the window, make sure it is selected (only click it once until you can see the eight blue handles around it, not twice!). In this situation the menu Layout -> Embed Objects will have the Matrix option available.

Now you can option-click and drag the lower handle of the button to add more buttons horizontally. Similarly, you can add buttons to the left, to the right or at the top, thereby creating the desired matrix of buttons.

EDIT: This recipe only works when developing for MacOS, not for iPhoneOS. I am not aware of an equivalent of NSMatrix on the iPhone. I guess the UI is simply meant to not include such elements.

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