Bizarre Bug with our Rails app in IE

We're experiencing a really bizarre bug in our Rails 2.3.4 app.

This bug only happens in Internet Explorer (7 and 8). Here's what happens:

  • A new customer creates an account at (notice no subdomain)
  • Their account is identified by a subdomain like ""
  • After signing up, they get a welcome screen with a link to their account's home page
  • They follow the link, then click the "log in" button and attempt to login
  • Even though they provide valid credentials, the app redirects back to their account's root url ... they can never reach their admin area
  • The only way they can login (on IE) is by quitting and re-opening IE ... then it works fine ...

Something with their initial session is preventing them from logging in. If it matters, we are using restful_authentication and the ssl_requirement plugin ... I'm not sure if one or both of those has a problem with IE but we are stumped here.

Also, I've read IE has an issue with subdomains that contain underscores ... this isn't what's going on.


If the domain of the session cookie is set to '', try setting it to '' instead.

I don't know if this works with 2.3.4, but

ActionController::CgiRequest::DEFAULT_SESSION_OPTIONS[:session_domain] = ''

used to do the trick.

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