How to remove the shadow from a librarystack

I'm currently in a project where I need a LibraryStack with no visuals at all, so it would just show the content. If I just remove the background a shadow stays in view which I cant seem to remove...

librarystack with no background

This code looks like:

<s:LibraryStack Background="Transparent">
    <s:LibraryStackItem Background="AliceBlue"/>
    <s:LibraryStackItem Background="Bisque"/>
    <s:LibraryStackItem Background="Salmon"/>

This stack is just for explaining purposes, the actual stack is added in the code behind in c#. So preferably any answers that would be usefull to add in c#.


You'll need to re-template the control. For example:

    <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type s:LibraryStack}">
  <s:LibraryStackItem Background="AliceBlue"/>
  <s:LibraryStackItem Background="Bisque"/>
  <s:LibraryStackItem Background="Salmon"/>

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