GoogleMaps - show location based on city and street

Greetings, In my page I would like to display a google map with the location of companies. I have the following credentials for company: City, Street How can I display the map having by using these data?


i hope this will help you some more or if you change your address into lat and long using geocode api you can mark them easily .

check out the url below


1 Easy way - no programming --> quick, best for a map with a predefined set of companies

  • on Google Maps click on My Maps in the left column and them "Create new map"
  • in the top left corner You'll see markers, lines and area controls to put on the map
  • find the address in the search field, put the marker on the place + you can add the description (Company Name & the street) in the balloon
  • click Done
  • find the Link in the top right corner and customize the link to embed Your map in a website

2 Flexible way - simple Javascript--> a little longer, best for a map that will dynamically display changing set of companies

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