Best practices and Design Patterns for iPhone forms?

Part of the app I'm making requires the user to fill in a multi-page form, the contents of which will be saved locally (perhaps using Core Data). Are there any best practices for this? This form just includes text fields. I guess the options are UITextFields, or perhaps a UIWebView, with the fields as part of an html form? Are there are any best practices, or design patterns, which are good for this kind of thing?


Maybe CoreData is 'oversized' for your needs. A NSDictionnary will be easier to use and much more flexible.

NSDictionnary class offers this methods : - (id)initWithContentsOfFile:(NSString *)path – writeToFile:atomically:


I will give you one very important hint: don't make the controls too small! Give controls ample space! I hate trying to get the iPhone to pick up my finger on a tightly spaced and sized control, only to find I activated the control next to it.

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