Prevent Nhibernate schemaexport from generating foreign key constraints on has many relationship

I have a mapping like this:

HasMany(x => x.Orders).KeyColumn("CustomerID");

Which is causing a constraint like this to be generated by schemaexport:

alter table [CustomerOrder] 
    add constraint FK45B3FB85AF01218D 
    foreign key (CustomerID) 
    references [Customer]

I have tried adding .NotFound.Ignore() like on a References() mapping to disable the constraint from being generated but this does not work.

Can a mapping be defined that will force SchemaExport to not generate the constraint?


Figured it out:

HasMany(x => x.Orders).KeyColumn("CustomerID").ForeignKeyConstraintName("none");

buried in the source is a check to ignore creation if the name is "none"

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