Using Python to add/remove Ubuntu login script items

I have written a Python application and would like to give my users the option of having the app automatically launch itself when the user logs in. It is important that the user is able to toggle this option on/off from within the app itself, rather than having to manually edit login scripts, so this needs to be done from within the Python code rather than from a shell script. The app is deployed on Ubuntu Linux, any suggestions for the best way of doing this?


Here's what you need to handle autostart.

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Issue while trying to compare file with server version

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For some reason I really can't understand, whenever I try to compare a file with its server version, Visual Studio freezes. It shows this message at the bottom:

Assetic CSS not respected in Symfony2

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I'm using Assetic to load CSS files for my Symfony2 project. The CSS loads properly, I can view it when I inspect element/sources in Chrome, but the page is still not styled. The only thing in the