How to disable radiobuttons and checkboxes produced by HtmlHelper methods in ASP.NET MVC?

I have a series of pages (in a wizard type application). After collecting user's inputs here and there, I'd like to display a summary in a single page. I don't want the users to modify information on that page, just to visualize them. Otherwise, he they go back to the previous pages to do so.

To obtain that, I use Html.Encode(Model.field) to replace textbox. But I don't want to replace checkboxes and radiobuttons; I'm gonna need to disable them. But,

How do I disable Radiobutton and checkboxes when using HtmlHelper methods?




Thanks for helping


Add the HTML attribute disabled:

<%: Html.CheckBox("MyCheckbox", new { disabled = "disabled" }) %>
<%: Html.RadioButton("MyRadioButton", value, new { disabled = "disabled" }) %>

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