autofac's Func<T> to resolve named service

Given registered services:


Can I retrieve named implementations of IFoo interface by injecting something like Func<string, IFoo> ?

public class SomeClass(Func<string, IFoo> foo) {
    var f = foo("one");
    Debug.Assert(f is Foo1);

    var g = foo("two");
    Debug.Assert(g is Foo2);

    var h = foo("three");
    Debug.Assert(h is Foo3);

I know I can do it with Meta<>, but I don't want to use it.


You could register your own resolving delegate like this:

builder.Register<Func<string, IFoo>>(c =>
        var cc = c.Resolve<IComponentContext>();
        return named => cc.ResolveNamed<IFoo>(named);

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