How can the Kindle be used as a source code reading tool?

I'm a programmer. I want to be a better programmer. I want to read more source code written by other people (especially open source projects). Also, I'd like to be able to have a on-hand searchable reference to all of that source code so that I can pull up reference to structures and snippets.

Does anyone know of a way to use the Kindle for this? Has anyone tried? What were your findings?

Additionally, does anyone know of a website that indexes all open source source code?


UPDATE: Found a good solution; see the updated section at the bottom.

I think I kind of answered part of my own question. Thank you for the links to github and google code.

I think I'll design and mash up some solution that incorporates github, google code and the links that I found below.

I will update when I learn more.

Thank you all.

Specifically, Reason not to #2


I've found that the ipad is much more suitable for reading source code. Now I use and the chrome plugin

When I see articles and source code that I want to read, I mark it in my browser on my desktop with the chrome plugin. Then, when I use my ipad, I download and read the articles with ReadItLater's app. I usually have to turn off the auto-formatting as it doesn't do well with articles with source code in them.

Also, I sometimes add git repositories with the complete packages of the source code I'm reading. For example, this

I use safari to view and navigate through it.

Hope that helps...

I don't know of 1 site that has all open source code but you can browse through by your language and sort by popular projects.

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