Multiple delimiters using Regex.Split in C#

Let's say you need to split a string by various delimiters including newline (/r, /n) and a few other 'special' character strings.

For example:

This is a sample %%% text &&& that I would 
like to split %%% into an array.

I would like the following in the resulting string array (contents via index)

[0]This is a sample
[2]that I would
[3]like to split
[4]into an array.

I would like to use C# Regex.Split() function. What is the regex expression to match on all of my delimiters?

Thanks in advance


Just FYI, the vanilla String.Split() method has an overload which accepts an array of strings to use as delimiters. Here's a link to MSDN's page describing it.

%%%|&&& should do it.

I don't have this solution ready. You can create a class and compare against it. You may be served by:

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