opening an emergent window in WPF application

I want to open window2.xaml from the window1.xaml window as an emergent (floating) window. In winforms that was , how do I do it in WPF for both WPF application and WPFbrowser application? (I assume it's different for WPF application and WPFbrowser application)


It is not much different in WPF than winforms. The method itself is still Show() for a WPF window.

Button btnClick = new Button();
btnClick.Click +=  btnClick_Click;

void btnClick_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        window2 exampleWindow = new window2();

You pick where you want to instantiate and show the window depending on how you want your program to operate.


In a WPF web app you have ChildWindows. If you create your own custom window which inherits ChildWindow it will call just like any other window in a WPF app. The method is once again.


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