Sequentially replace multiple places matching single pattern in a string with different replacements

Using stringr package, it is easy to perform regex replacement in a vectorized manner.

Question: How can I do the following:

Replace every word in


to different replacements, e.g. increasing numbers


Note that simple separators cannot be assumed, the practical use case is more complicated.

stringr::str_replace_all does not seem to work because it

str_replace_all(x, "(\\w+)", 1:7)

produces a vector for each replacement applied to all words, or it has uncertain and/or duplicate input entries so that

str_replace_all(x, c("hello" = "1", "world" = "2", ...))

will not work for the purpose.


Here's another idea using gsubfn. The pre function is run before the substitutions and the fun function is run for each substitution:

x <- "hello,world??your,make|[]world,hello,pos"
p <- proto(pre = function(t) t$v <- 0, # replace all matches by 0 
           fun = function(t, x) t$v <- v + 1) # increment 1 
gsubfn("\\w+", p, x)

Which gives:

[1] "1,2??3,4|[]5,6,7"

This variation would give the same answer since gsubfn maintains a count variable for use in proto functions:

pp <- proto(fun = function(...) count)
gsubfn("\\w+", pp, x)

See the gsubfn vignette for examples of using count.

I would suggest the "ore" package for something like this. Of particular note would be and ore.subst, the latter of which can accept a function as the replacement value.



x <- "hello,world??your,make|[]world,hello,pos"

## Match all and replace with the sequence in which they are found
ore.subst("(\\w+)", function(i) seq_along(i), x, all = TRUE)
# [1] "1,2??3,4|[]5,6,7"

## Create a cool ore object with details about what was extracted"(\\w+)", x, all = TRUE)
#   match: hello world  your make   world hello pos
# context:      ,     ??    ,    |[]     ,     ,   
#  number: 1==== 2====  3=== 4===   5==== 6==== 7==

Here a base R solution. It should also be vectorized.

#split x into single chars
#find all char positions and replace them with "a"
x_split[gregexpr("\\w", x)[[1]]]="a"
#find all runs of "a"
#replace run lengths by 1
#replace run values by increasing number
#use inverse.rle on the modified rle object and collapse string

#[1] "1,2??3,4|[]5,6,7"

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