Data generation with defined size (byte)

How can I generate a dictionary that contains random values with different sizes: 100 bytes, 200 bytes, 1 kbytes, 1 Gbytes, etc., ?

I have already tried with getsizeof, but I didn't get what I was expecting.

max=input("bytes size \n")

while ((sys.getsizeof(var))- max)<=0:

    sensor = {
        'dt': time.time(),
        'data': random.randint(10,10),
        'unit': 'Celsius'


    if ((sys.getsizeof(var))- max)<=0:


print (jdata)


use this

import os
import sys
fout = open('output_file', 'wb')
fout.write(os.urandom(1024)) # replace 1024 with size_kb if not unreasonably large
fin = open('output_file', 'rb')
content =
print sys.getsizeof(content)-21
# and from here do anything with content


After reading again your question and analyse your code, the code work fine. You wil never get an output with exact size because your size of sensor objects is not multiple of 1.

The previous code create only a dummy data with a specific size

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