Do I have to work on Mac/OSX to be able to export a LibGDX app to iOS?

I'm working with LibGDX 1.5.6 on Windows and had successfully exported my app to Desktop, Android and HTML5.


Assuming that I had previously selected the iOS project when creating the Gradle projects in the libGDX setup. And that I have a registered Device, Developer License and Provisioning Certificates for iOS development.

Is there a way to export my app to iOS, working on Windows?


Since Robovm depends on XCode to be installed I don't think it would be possible to deploy to iOS within Windows.

See the prerequisites from the official libgdx documentation here.

However, I was able to do it by running a virtual machine with Mac OS X, but my experience with it was not very pleasant, it runs very slow, specially if you use the iOS simulator. You will need a machine with a lot of RAM (8 RAM minimum). So I ended up buying a Mac Mini.

I used to use VMWare Workstation for emulation, but I had to download patches to make it work on the latest OS X version since it is not supported officially. It is a little hard to find any Mac OS X images to install on a virtual machine. I do not have any links to OS X images since that was quite a while ago, but you might be able to find some.

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