Configuring a debug environment in Eclipse

I am using Behave to write BDD tests. The problem I have is that I am unable to create debug environment for these tests. I have successfully created an external tool run environment but that is of little help when I want to use breakpoints and debug the code.

Anyone who uses Lettuce/Behave/Freshen/Cucumber and could let me know how is the debug environment setup?


Found a solution on the Eclipse help page :

It is possible to debug python steps (*.py) files in Eclipse IDE.

Belove solution works for:

Just make:

  • Copy to directory that are located .feature files. You can find this file in Python27\Scripts\
  • In Eclipse add new "Debug as...->Debug Configuration->Python Run"
  • In a project choose your project
  • In Main module choose
  • Hit run and set brakepoints

Although you didn't mention Morelia (another BDD tool for Python) I thing you could try it. It doesn't need any special setup to integrate if traditional unittests works for you. Morelia's documentation:

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