Trouble reading RSS data in AS3

I am trying to read a simple RSS feed in flash, but keep bumping into namespace issues. What's the proper way to get the content url from the following rss feed?

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:rbinl="" xmlns:media="">
          <media:content url="howtogetthis.jpg"/>
          <title>This can be read from AS3</title>

AS3 Code:

// this is working[0].title;

// this is not working[0].media.@url;


You need to reference the media namespace to access that content node with the url.

Here is an example:

//get a reference to the media namespace
var ns:Namespace = new Namespace("");

//use ns::content to get a reference to a `content` node in the media namespace[0].ns::content.@url;

Keep in mind, namespaces prefix nodes. So the node name is content, not media.

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