Is it possible to utilize the Chrome input style for extensions?

I'm developing Google Chrome extensions. In order to give the user a feeling of unity, I'm copying the style of the Google Chrome controls. They look like this:

However, I would like to utilize the existing styles from Google Chrome directly instead of duplicating them into my CSS code. Is there a way to achieve this?

The resulting buttons, checkboxes, selectboxes etc. should look exactly like the ones in Google Chrome.


Only for a very specific case: the new-style options page AKA optionsV2.

You can specify that you want to use Chrome styles:

  "options_ui": {
    "page": "options.html",
    "chrome_style": true

Developers specifically said that while it would be nice to provide the style for use in every page, but it "became scary in the implementation".

Anecdotal evidence shows that it works for pageAction/browserAction popups. The corresponding bug: Support chrome_style from options_ui.chrome_style in other extension view types (it's not marked as complete).

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