Trouble installing MAPP Stack as Root user in OSX

trying to install bitnami mappstack as root user on osx. I follow the direction on their help page to a 't', but I keep getting a 'command not found' error when I try to run the as a super user. I'm not very good with the terminal. What the heck am I doing wrong?

Andrews-iMac:volumes andrewpawlik$ sudo ./
sudo: ./ command not found

this is what their help page says

To install the Stack as administrator you should click in the .dmg file. Once the disk is mounted in your system, you can open a Terminal and go to the folder:

$ cd /Volumes/Your Bitnami Stack

Then you can run the following command from a Terminal:

$ sudo ./


bitnami developer here. I've run it myself and worked fine for me. Please make sure you are inputing the right path. In my case i had to do run the following:

cd /Volumes/MAMP
sudo ./

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