How to match numbers ranging from 400 to 550 with regex?

I want to validate a numeric string that must only contain numbers ranging from 400 to 550.

$x = "401";  // valid 
$x = "551";  // invalid 

I want to only match the numbers between 400 and 550.

I tried the following pattern:


But it doesn't work.

What is the regex pattern for matching numbers 400-550?


A regex-way to validate this range:


See demo. It will also work in larger texts since \b boundaries are used. In case of whole strings, use ^ and $ around instead of \b.

Just combine in_array() with range(), like this:

if(!in_array($x, range(400, 550)))
   echo "in ";
echo "valid";

Or just do a simple if statement, e.g.

if($x >= 400 && $x <= 550)

Should work :


Try this:

 if(preg_match_all("/(4\d\d|5([0-4]\d|50))/",$x)) { ... }


Try /(([4][0-9]{2,2})|([5][0-4][0-9])|(550))/ (I haven't tested it). I dont know if there is an easier way.

Unless you have a reason to use a regex, just compare the numbers.

if ($x <= 550 && $x >= 400)

It'll be faster and easier to read than a regex or using array ranges.

The php code:

$subject = "550";
$pattern = '/4\d\d|5[0-4][0-9]|550/';
preg_match($pattern, $subject, $matches, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE);

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