Laravel 5 WhereIn Not Working

I have no idea why my query is suddenly not working (although maybe it was never working to begin with). Is there anything wrong here?

My controller;

$dataset = $postcode_lookup->dataset; // will return "201502_postcode"  

$postcode_extract = new PostcodeExtract;
$postcode_extract = $postcode_extract->setTableByDate($dataset);

foreach ($input as $column => $values) {
    $postcode_extract->orWhere(function ($query) use ($column, $values) {
                            $query->whereIn($column, $values);

*  Temporarily print out the raw SQL...
$sql = str_replace(['%', '?'], ['%%', "'%s'"], $postcode_extract->toSql());
$fullSql = vsprintf($sql, $postcode_extract->getBindings());


My model;

<?php namespace App\Models;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class PostcodeExtract extends Model {

protected $connection = 'postcodes';

public function setTableByDate($selected_tablename)
    $this->table = $selected_tablename;

    // Return $this for method chaining
    return $this;

public function getTable()
    if (isset($this->table))

    return $this->table;

All that the print out of the raw sql is returning is select * from 201502_postcode and is just ignoring the rest of the query.

This is my $input array;

[country] => Array
        [0] => L93000001
        [1] => M83000003

[county] => Array
        [0] => 95

orWhere and whereIn is just being ignored it seems..

--- UPDATE ---

I didn't know about orWhereIn. But having tried this;

foreach ($input as $column => $values) {
        $postcode_extract->orWhereIn($column, $values);

        print "<br>";
        print $column;
        print "<br>";
        print "<br>";

I still get the same result. It's like this loop is being totally ignored - even though I can get these print's/print_r's to work. The raw SQL is still just select * from 201502_postcode.


Try this

$postcode_extract->orWhereIn($column, $values)

Also, if that doesnt work, try making the first one condition a whereIn and the rest a orWhereIn

Oh this is so frustratingly obvious I think I might cry...

foreach ($input as $column => $values) {
        $postcode_extract = $postcode_extract->orWhereIn($column, $values);     

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