How do I promote WCF Service to Azure Cloud Service?

I have an existing WCF service, and a Cloud Service setup in Azure to host it. Currently we are logging into the remote desktop, finding E\sitesroot\0 and copy\pasting our built code, and then recycling IIS.

When I publish other WCF services to a cloud service, using Visual Studio I can right click the project and choose "Publish to Microsoft Azure...", but for this project I do not have that option. I think this is because those other projects are setup as a Web Role, where my problem project above doesnt seem to have that delegation.

What do I need to do to allow me to publish this thing properly, I have a feeling we're doing it wrong and it may cause me grief some time in the future.


The following Microsoft Azure MSDN article seems to address your scenario:

In summary, you need to:

  • Enable a web application for deployment to Azure by opening the shortcut menu for a web project in your solution and choose Add Azure Deployment Project
  • Publish your web application to Azure by opening the shortcut menu for the web project and choose Publish to Azure

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