How to pull from one remote branch to another branch in git?

For safety reason, my supervisor doesn't allow me to pull his work directly from the master branch. So I created one branch remotely named 'subbranch' and clone it to my local repository. How could I let 'subbranch' keep up to date with the master branch? I just know how to use the GUI to do it. How to do it with command line?


If you have not done it already clone the repository from master and then create a local branch in your clone, tracking to your upstream branch. For example

git clone
cd myclone
git checkout -b subbranch origin/subbranch 

When you need to work in your clone, make sure you are on your branch.

git branch  # your current branch is highlighted with a '*'

Work on your branch normally, by committing changes to your branch. Push changes to your remote branch.

git commit
git push origin subbranch 

From time to time you want to update with the changes from master

git fetch                  # get the changes from the remote repository. 
git merge master           # merge them into your branch
git push origin subbranch  # push your changes upstream

The git fetch applies to all branches, including master. The git merge creates a commit in your branch. Since you always work in your branch, you never commit nor push to master.

You might have to resolve conflicts. See this excellent tutorial.

I hope this helps.

git branch --set-upstream-to remote-branch # to track your local branch with remote branch

git pull --rebase # to get the latest changes of remote branch

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