Eclipse failing to run libGDX iOS app

I'm trying to run my libGDX roboVM project on an actual device but I'm getting an error:

An internal error occurred during: "Launching -ios (2)". No signing identity found matching 'iPhone Developer'

Is there a wiki that explains where I can set these signing options?


Update the robovm block in build.gradle to include your signing identity name and number, and the name of your provisioning profile:

robovm {
    iosSignIdentity = "iPhone Developer: My Name (ABCDEFGHIJ)" 
    //To find iosSignIdentity, run this in terminal: security find-identity -v -p codesigning

    iosProvisioningProfile = "My Developer Profile" 
    //The simple name of the profile. Look in Xcode preferences->accounts.

    iosSkipSigning = false
    stdoutFifo = null
    stderrFifo = null

You don't need to edit the build.gradle file to include the signing identity and provisioning profile. Just download the robovm Eclipse plug-in. There is one for IntelliJ too. When you create your IPA in either Eclipse or IntelliJ you provide your signing identity and provisioning profile.

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