Convert current .vssettings to .vstheme for VS 2013

I have downloaded the Visual Studio 2013 Color Theme Editor and a fonts/colors theme in the form of a .vssettings file (from here). I want to be able to edit the file in the Color Themes window/tab/thing, but, to do that, I need to first convert the .vssettings file to a .vstheme or .pkgdef file. Is there any way to do this (without manually inputting the colors)?


Open Tools > Customize Colors and make a copy of the theme you want to work with, then edit it to get the theme editor open.(Visual hints)

Next, go to Tools > Import and Export Settings to install the .vssettings file you downloaded (Details). Follow the prompts to optionally save your existing settings and apply the new ones.

Now, on the Theme editors toolbar there is a button with the letter A on it, press it. It will take all the settings that you just imported and put them in the theme you are editing.

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