Frogger for iPhone

Most of my programming experience has either been using forms (Windows Forms, or ASP.NET) or small embedded projects interfacing hardware. Recently I began going through some tutorials for iPhone development. I'm interested in learning Objective-C and the iPhone sdk.

I wanted to make a small frogger-like game to help me learn but I've never really ventured into game development. I would have four buttons (Up, Down, Left, Right) and was curious how to go about the navigation. Would it be smart to make a big grid (matrix) and use that to navigate around the screen? Eventually it'd be nice to use OpenGL but I'm nowhere ready to go into that area yet.

Thanks for any input.


Here is a simple tutorial on Cocoa2D, what you would use to make a 2D game.

There is also a tutorial on touch detection here by the one of the authors of the Coca2D tutorial.

Also, the source-code to a complete, working game could be useful - there are some open-source, complete games listed on my question "Are there any Open-source iPhone applications around?"

You'll need to derive a subclass of UIView and override the keyDown: method in order to get keypresses. There's an NSTimer class, that's good for doing periodic updates, and UIImage, for loading and displaying bitmaps on the screen.

You can probably just use (x,y) coordinates for all the objects you'll draw, rather than having an explicit grid. You can then update the positions of the objects at regular intervals.

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