Drupal: Best Forum Module?

What is the best forum module to use for Drupal? The core is a bit lacking. I'm thining of investigating: http://drupal.org/project/advanced_forum

Anybody have any better suggestions?


You can look at using the core forum module from Drupal: http://drupal.org/handbook/modules/forum. It is easily extensible and you can customise it to your needs. Take a look at all of these:

There's quite a bit of work going on right now on AdvForum, and the 'DruBB' project. The maintainer of AdvForum and the release maintainer for Drupal 7 are both putting a fair bit of energy into DruBB as a Drupal-native alternative to PHPBB, and it's worth watching even if it isn't ready to deploy immediately. If you have any develpment chops and are willing to poke your head into the code, they can almost certainly use help with the development work, or with testing.

There's no great out-of-box solution or module for Drupal. What I suggest you do is install phpBB on your server then use this module to link it up with your Drupal site. phpBB is a great piece of software! A little blurb about the module:

In practice it takes things from the Drupal database and updates the phpBB database each time a user logs in. It also provides a block that lists recent topics from the forum. This module requires mod_rewrite / clean URLs and is not recommended for beginners.

RPforum is quite decent for basic quick forum implementation rather than Advanced_forum which requires lot of R&D to find a suitable module that fits your needs.

Shameless self-promotion: I created an alternative to Advanced Forum for Drupal 6, called RP Forum. If gives you a full featured (albeit simple) forum with as few additional downloads as possible. One of the reasons I disliked Advanced Forum is that it can require 10 - 20 additional module downloads to build up the feature set you want.

Anyway, RP Forum (and a live demo) can be found on my site: http://www.richardpeacock.com/get-rpforum

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