Do you use the "this" operator in C#?

Duplicate post, see: When do you use the "this" keyword?

On almost every project I worked the "This" operator is used, when i start developing i was told that it is a good practice. is this really necessary does it gives you more readability?


Tools like Resharper have a built in hint saying "redundant qualifier," but I disagree with it and quickly disable the rule.

I always use the this qualifier because it lets me know at a glance whether or not the reference is a property/field, or a static class ref for example:

public class MyClass {
    public int Foo { get; set; }

public MyClass MyRef { get; }


public static class MyRef {
   public static int Foo { get; set; }


void method() {
   MyRef.Foo = 4; // might be either

void method() {
   this.MyRef.Foo = 4; // definitely property/field

Just my 2c.


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