iTunes Connect - Can't invite "internal testers" for prerelease app

I got my app approved for distribution through the new Apple TestFlight app. I tried to invite an "internal tester" through iTunes Connect ->Prerelease ->Internal Testers but all I see are 2 info boxes:

  1. To start testing, select at least one Internal Tester.

  2. Internal testers can be added in Users and Roles. Internal testers are iTunes Connect users with the Admin or Technical role.

I already added an Admin an Technical user to Users and Roles but I can't invite them. How to invite an internal tester?


Problem solved: The email for an internal tester was also used for an external tester. As soon as I removed the email from the external testers list I could invite the user as an internal tester.

To add people to internal testers you need to go

  1. "Users and Roles"
  2. List item
  3. Select the user Switch on Internal Tester
  4. Save

  1. users and roles - external tester - remove email
  2. users and roles - interal tester - click checkbox and save
  3. my app - appname - prerelease - iternal testers - click checkbox and click invite.

it save me from going crazy)

Something else that might help is if you flick the "Internal Tester" switch on a user and it doesn't stay, you have to make sure, as Apple says in this doc "The user must have an Admin, Legal, or Technical role."

To add a beta tester you must be signed in to iTunes Connect with an Admin or Legal account (NOT a Technical account). This answer explains further

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