Apk location in New Android Studio

I started using new Android Studio and cant find the APK of the application in IDE,where it actually locates?


To help people who might search for answer to this same question, it is important to know what type of projects you are using in Studio.


The default project type when creating new project, and the recommended one in general is Gradle.

For a new project called "Foo", the structure under the main folder will be


Where the internal "Foo" folder is the main module (this structure allows you to create more modules later on in the same structure without changes).

In this setup, the location of the generated APK will be under


Note that each module can generate its own output, so the true output is more


EDIT On the newest version of the Android Studio location path for generated output is



If you are a user of IntelliJ before switching to Studio, and are importing your IntelliJ project directly, then nothing changed. The location of the output will be the same under:


Note: this is will become deprecated sometimes around 1.0


If you are importing Android Eclipse project directly, do not do this! As soon as you have dependencies in your project (jars or Library Projects), this will not work and your project will not be properly setup. If you have no dependencies, then the apk would be under the same location as you'd find it in Eclipse:


However I cannot stress enough the importance of not doing this.

I am on Android Studio 0.6 and the apk was generated in


It included all libraries so I could share it.

Update on Android Studio 0.8.3 Beta. The apk is now in


Update on Android Studio 0.8.6 - 2.0. The apk is now in


There is really no reason to dig through paths; the IDE hands it to you (at least with version 1.5.1).

In the Build menu, select Build APK:

A dialog will appear:

If you are using a newer version of Android Studio, it might look like this:

Clicking the Show in Explorer or locate link, you will be presented with a file explorer positioned somewhere near wherever Android Studio put the APK file:

But in AS 3, when you click locate, it puts you at the app level. You need to go into the release folder to get your APK file.

In my case, I'm using Android Studio 1.0.2, I get my APK file from:


If anyone would be missing his APK and couldn't find it in the locations stated in other answers (I found this question, since I couldn't find it either) it might just be in this folder (mine was)

<project folder>/target/classes/<appname>.apk 

I also had a there this file:


I am not perfectly sure, whether the apk is actually the full-blown apk, which should be generated, but I tried it on various devices (not only the target device, but also those which were supporting only the minimum SDK) and it worked.

Hope this will help someone.

It is Project_Location/app/build/outputs/apk for Gradle Project

Find apk using below step:-

  1. Goto to your project folder.
  2. Open project folder.
  3. Open build folder.
  4. Open output folder.
  5. Open apk folder.
  6. Now you see your apk.

hope it will help some body.

So the apk in Android studio is generated inside build folder of app module.

Correct path to apk would be \app\build\outputs\apk. I am using Android Studio Version 1.4.1. So apk could either be found at app/build/apk/ or \app\build\outputs\apk base on the version of Android studio you are using. Refer the below image

Also find more reference on these links.

  1. Building and Running from Studio
  2. Studio Project Overview

I'm using Android Studio and gradle. It created the build/apk/<.apk> file only when I ran the project. Press the following to run your project: Alt+u, u

Android Studio: 0.5.3 Gradle: 0.9.+

You can find the APK in:


In the new Android Studio, the signed apk is placed directly in the folder of module for which the apk is built.

For example: For a Project ProjectA containing 2 modules Mod1 and Mod2, the apk files will be found in



Image for APK location in Android Studio

Build your project and get the apk from your_project\app\build\apk

The .apk file is located at [your project]\out\production\[your project name]

Location of apk in Android Studio:


As of version 0.8.6 of Android Studio generating an APK file (signed and I believe unsigned, too) will be placed inside ProjectName/device/build/outputs/apk

For example, I am making something for Google Glass and my signed APK gets dropped in /Users/MyName/AndroidStudioProjects/HelloGlass/glass/build/outputs/apk

I got the .apk files in parent_folder/out/production/projectname/projectname.apk

You can find your apk file as follow:


The Android build system is the toolkit you use to build, test, run and package your apps. The build system can run as an integrated tool from the Android Studio menu and independently from the command line. You can use the features of the build system to:

  1. Customize, configure, and extend the build process.
  2. Create multiple APKs for your app with different features using the same project and modules.

The build process involves many tools and processes that generate intermediate files on the way to producing an .apk. If you are developing in Android Studio, the complete build process is done every time you run the Gradle build task for your project or modules.

The build process is very flexible so it's useful, however, to understand what is happening under the hood since much of the build process is configurable and extensible. The following diagram depicts the different tools and processes that are involved in a build:

Build a release version

You can now use the Build menu options to build the release version of your application for distribution.

The build generates an APK for each build variant: the app/build/apk/ (or app/build/outputs/apk) directory contains packages named app--.apk; for example, app-full-release.apk and app-demo-debug.apk.

Build output

The build generates an APK for each build variant in the app/build folder: the app/build/outputs/apk/ directory contains packages named app--.apk; for example, app-full-release.apk and app-demo-debug.apk.

Courtesy goes to Build System Overview

If you have imported a Project from Eclipse and are using the new Android Studio The directory


does exist (there maybe old binaries in here) however with the latest Android Studio update the actual current apk is stored in


Add this in your module gradle file. Its not there in default project. Then u will surely find the APK in /build/outputs/apk/

buildTypes {
    debug {
        applicationIdSuffix ".debug"

I am using Android Studio 3.0 canary 6.

To build apk,

Click to Build->Build APK(s).

After your apk is build, Go to:


For Gradle look here: https://docs.gradle.org/current/dsl/org.gradle.api.tasks.SourceSetOutput.html. "For example: Java plugin will use those dirs in calculating class paths and for jarring the content; IDEA and Eclipse plugins will put those folders on relevant classpath."

So its depend on plugin build in configs unless you don't define them explicit in config file.

Click the little gear icon in the project view and make sure "show excluded files" is checked. Otherwise, the IDE will hide output and several other important directories under $project/$module/build/.

Hello all above all answers are right you can find the apk through the path in android studio but there is exceptions you can't find the build/output folder some times if you can't see it just go to

app--> app.iml file and find below line in it :-

  <excludeFolder url="file://$MODULE_DIR$/build/outputs" />

--> after removing this line you can see the output folder its just the adding more information to above answers as per my experience :)


For Android Studio 2.0


Here UserName is your computer user name and MyAppName is your android app name

As of Android Studio 3.0 / Gradle Build Tools 3.0.0, APK artifacts can now be found in foo/bar/build/outputs/apk/flavorName/buildType with respect to your project name, foo, and your module name, bar. There is now a directory for each apk file sorted organized first by flavor (with respect to flavor dimensions) and then by build type.

  1. open Event Log
  2. find line: Module 'app': locate or analyze the APK.
  3. click on locate link to open folder with apk file!

After all: "All built APKs are saved in project-name/module-name/build/outputs/apk/ Build your project LINK

Hint: If you canĀ“t see the app-debug.apk in your debug folder, you have to click on BUILD --> Rebuild Project in Android Studio.

To create apk in android studio,go to build menu->build bundles/apk->build apk

it will make the apk file of your project.After this the apk will be available in your

project directory->app->build->outputs->apk->debug->app-debug.apk

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