Help Modifying RegEx To Return Range of Digits

Currently this expression "I ([a-zA-z]\d]{3} " returns when the following pattern is true:

I Z99 

I need to modify this so it will return a range of alphanumerics after the I from 2 to 13 that do not have a space.


I A321 
I ASHG310310 




Without the quotes:

"I ([a-zA-Z\d]{2,13}) "

The {} brackets allow two parameters seperated by a comma, which indicates the minimum and maximum number of repetitions. Also, I'm not sure if your original regex gets what you intend - as it's written, it accepts 3 groups of a letter and a number.

You may want to try

I ([a-zA-Z]|\d){2,13}

There's a reference page here:

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