Unable to read cookie across subdomains (owa_cookie)

In my production environment, my front end is on a.example.com and my back end is on b.example.com:

I'm creating a cookie in .example.com domain in path '/' using javascript for it to be read from any subdomain.

When I try to read the cookie from b.example.com domain from Oracle using owa_cookie it gives the error no_data_found.

I looked at the contents of the cookie in my browser and I could see it:

Domain .example.com

Path /

In my test environment, my front end and back end are on the same subdomain b.example.com. Here the Oracle Application server is able to read the cookie with the exact same code.

What am I doing wrong? From what I've read, I just need to store the cookie in .example.com for it to be read from any subdomain. But it still doesn't work.


If you want to write/read cookies across subdomains, you just need to save it in .example.com. The issue was something else - it was a name mismatch. Thanks folks.

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