Keep receiving REQUEST_DENIED for Google Places for iOS

I keep receiving REQUEST_DENIED when trying to use Google Places Autocomplete for iOS.

The example link is,25.628332&key=AIzaSyCHRmOeUQCcI_1JbcWiJ (I have ommited some of the last characters of the key)

  1. Both Google Places API and Google Maps API are enabled from Google Developer Console
  2. I have a valid key in Credentials section, for which I also added my bundle identifier in the list of bundle identifiers
  3. The key is an iOS applications key, in Public API access section. It's valid and is created by me (owner)

Can anyone point me out to the good direction ? Thanks in advance.


I found the problem: you need to enable the Google Places Web Services as well and use the server key

Directions API require not iOS key, but server key. When you'll create server key, leave text view blank, do not enter your bundle name.

Use Browser key or server key for Google Places Autocomplete API. Keep the referrer field as empty. Make sure you enable Google Places API in the developers console.

I met the same problem last week and struggled for quite a while. The way I solved the problem is to follow the Google Places API for iOS Use GMSPlacesClient instead of JSON calls.

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