send sms using Google Scripts on google spreadsheet

i want a script that sends a message to a particular cell number on event of an update in my spreadsheet or through a add menu button option. i tried to find but couldn't see any option like that.


Adding a menu or setting up an onEdit even function in a document is pretty straightforward (just a few lines of code depending on the complexity of your application). Google Apps Script does not have built in functionality for SMS/Text messaging however.

If you want to accomplish this sms functionality, you will need to identify a company that offers an SMS/Text messaging API and access the API with a custom script. Twilio is a great tool (although not free) or you may find another API that fits your needs based on your region in this list of SMS APIs:

Once you have your service/API selected and set up and have the API Documentation, refer to the following Google Developers page to access the service API with Apps Script:

If you're not well versed in using APIs, you can instead use MailApp to send e-mail or log any activity in another spreadsheet for tracking purposes. One other low-tech solution to consider is that spreadsheets have a built-in edit notification under Tools > Notification Rules.

One of the simplest ways is to write a script to send it via email using your cell carriers email code.

Here's a list of codes .

Under tools select script editor and basically just copy the following code in. Change up the EmailTo, Subject, and Body accordingly.

function sendText() {
  var EmailTo = "your10digitNumber@CellcarrierCode";
  var subject = "Whatever";
  var body = "Text";

  MailApp.sendEmail(EmailTo, subject, body);

In the script editor under Edit select current project triggers and setup however you want.

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