Accessing GPS data on LG VX8360 phone

I am trying to design a web page that provides content depending on the user's location. I made a simple page that tries to access the navigator.geolocation object and report whether it exists, and if it does, the latitude and longitude reported by the browser. I tested it on my home computer, which is running Firefox, and it worked fine.

I then tested it on my LG VX8360 cell phone and it didn't work. After some experimentation, I found out that navigator.geolocation doesn't seem to exist in my mobile browser. My phone is not at all the most sophisticated, but it does have GPS capability and I made sure it was enabled.

I tried looking on Google to find anything about accessing the GPS data, but I couldn't find any way of doing it that doesn't involve paying for the VZ Navigator app. Does anyone know of any way? I would ideally like some way of making a web page that can access it.


The LG VX8360 supports the Flash Lite player.

Flash Lite has a Geolocation class that can hook into the Java J2ME JSR-179 geolocation support that the LG VX8360 also supports.

It is possible to write a Flash Lite compatible component and host it on your web page that Flash Lite on the LG can run.

You don’t have to have the newest mobile phone to use GPS and Geolocation API. Almost every mobile browser (without proxy server) can be used to read position from buidin GPS. If You have Java and GPS in Your phone – You can use mobile-gps-web-gate – see at

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